Making A Dark Fantasy A Reality

My mother’s name is Pamela, she was 17, when she was married my father Esteban. My father was 21 at the time. My mother being Caucasian my father was a Latino bad boy made me a mixed gene individual. As I understand it my father lasted about 4 years and split, mom said she never saw him again. My name is Chris and I am 20 years old.
My mom was a light hair brunette with beautiful green eyes and she had a body of that was out of this world and her tits always stood pointed. Mom was so very proportionate and had a great ass. My mother was HOT looking 38-year old woman. My friends, especially my best buddy Scott, were always making remarks how they would like to stuff the cocks up her pussy and ass. Scott was always commenting, what a fucking MILF! Instead of getting angry, I found these remarks excited me because for a long time I had stopped thinking of my mother as a mother, the only way I thought of her was a slut, so many times I fantasized about fucking her brains out, just make her a total hardcore whore!
My mother was a very successful home staging consultant. She always had to look successful and beautiful, her work is all show so she always wore short skirts and dresses that made her look hot! When she was in heels, her legs looked much longer, all the way up to her ass! I have been spying on her for months with all the video cams I installed all over our house including her bedroom, shower and our pool area. I have hundreds of hours recorded of my MILF mother in panties, naked, nighties, showering and in the pool area. I had plenty of hot videos of her to arouse myself and jack-off, but what I really wanted, was to use her as a piece of fuck meat. 
We lived in a big home with an 8-foot privacy wall in a semi-rural area, the nearest houses were hundred yards away on both sides, so when my mother thought that she was alone laying by the pool, it was not uncommon for her to take off her bikini and lay naked. I was watching one of her videos with a fully erect cock. On one of my favorite videos she was wearing a tiny white bikini that barely covered her ass. She was face down and had her top unhooked and her legs spread wide, I could clearly see her pussy lips, I said to myself, soon I will be putting all my 9-inch cock up that hot tight pussy to initiate my main plan of making her an X-rated whore.
In another video after she showered she put on a pair of sheer black panties and bra outlined in pink trim. She put on a pair of sheer nude stockings and put on her heels. Her heels made her legs look real long and her panties were very sexy, they barely covered her ass cheeks, I thought man MILF mommy is so fucking hot, after I destroy that hot juicy pussy, I’m going to ram every inch of cock up that hot ass and fucking gap the shit out it. 
I had installed several hidden minicams on the stairs so I could get upskirt videos when she walked up and down the stairs, these videos were easy make since she wore short flared skirts and dresses. The cams were able to get very clear video revealing her creamy thighs and ass clad in different design and color panties, hell, I knew every stitch of clothes she had on every day. I blurred her face on the videos that I posted to XXX websites, I was getting plenty of traffic, great reviews and plenty of clicks that were making me loads of money.
I know she did not date much, so it made sense when I saw her in several videos with sex toys satisfying her sexual desires. On one video she lay totally nude in bed, using a vibrator around her pussy and sticking it in her vagina simulating a cock fucking her, I thought, soon that’s going to me fucking that cunt. This video was so hot, lots of the viewers on the website called her several names, like the “Porn Queen”, “Queen Slut”, “Whore Queen” and they left reviews like, “the bitch is so fucking hot”, “what a fucking hot slut”, “I will make this bitch a BIG BLACK COCK WHORE”.
I got an alert on my smart phone and it was a message from one the reviewers. The message read, 
12TBBCHammer: I’m the guy that that left the message, I’ll make this bitch a BIG BLACK COCK WHORE. I sure would like to know who how to contact that slut, I would like slam all her holes. 
I wasn’t sure to respond to the guy or not, but I finally did. 
Me: She is my mother, she doesn’t know I post her videos on XXX websites, make me some money. 
Me: I don’t give a fuck that she is my mother, the plan is to slam all her holes and turn her into a hard-core whore!
Me: I think I know what BBC means, but what about the rest of your name, where does that come from?
12TBBCHammer: I HAMMER bitches with my 12-inch Thick Big Black Cock. 
12TBBCHammer: If you’re serious, I can help with your plan, go to this website:568.25.12.00, check out a couple of bitches named kandykane and hotwifelee, they use to be everyday housewives, until 12TBBCHammer came along and changed their lives. 
12TBBCHammer: Their husbands turned them into hotwives, I turned them into BBC Whores, all they fuck are Big Black Cocks and they fuck a lot, my crew and I also impregnated these bitches, they both have black babies. 
Me: Their husbands don’t know?
12TBBCHammer: Man, are you naive? Of course, they know, they were there making videos, when we knocked them up. Our crew has a total of 30 guys, we call ourselves “Southern Mandingos” my crew pulled a 3-day gang bang on both sluts at the same time. 
Me: 30 guys at one time?
12TBBCHammer: Not all 30 at one time, my crew has day jobs, they all come to the hotel room at least once, through the 3-day period, but these whores were fucked by all 30 guys at least once. Sometimes it’s one guy at a time, sometimes 2-3 guys, but I guarantee you that both whores was fucked more than 30 times 3-day gang bang session. 
12TBBCHammer: They are not the only ones, the white wives we fuck get us other wives that want to try BBC, we fuck wives of all ages, as young as 17 and 70. Older women are more experience at fucking, most of the time they are actually hotter fucks. 
ME: Very interesting, maybe later
12TBBCHammer: Up to you, contact me if you’re up to it.
Me: Later dude, I’ll contact you if I need you.
It was Saturday afternoon and like she usually did, mom liked to swim and sunbath by our pool. The only difference was this Saturday afternoon, she had an empty bottle of Cabernet set on the table beside her, she was sleeping face down with her top unhooked. She was wearing the sexy white bikini I like to see her in, it sure shows off her great looking ass. I thought this was the most perfect time for me to hit on her, she was wearing a skimpy bikini and was tipsy. I just said fuck it and went for it, I picked a bottle of sunscreen and started rubbing on her back. She moaned as I rubbed her back, I took it a little bit further and went to her inner thighs, I noticed her breathing got a little rapid. She had her legs spread so I leaned over to look at her pussy and I could tell her bikini crotch had a wet spot so this told me she was enjoying what I was doing. I took some more lotion and massaged her legs, going further up, I could partially see her vagina lips, so I purposely massaged her inner thigh touching her bikini crotch, when I did this, I heard her make a low moan. I did not know if she was awake, so I said, sorry and kept massaging her inner thighs. 
She hooked her top and turned over to face me and I said mom, you are so sexy and beautiful. She said, wow, that’s something different, my son thinking I’m sexy, I didn’t realize you thought of me that way. I acted naive and asked, is it wrong that I think I have a sexy mother? She said, well no, it’s not wrong, no one can control your thinking, let’s just say it’s very different that a son thinks of their mom as a sexy woman. Mom you always said, we could always talk about any topic, never be afraid, do you remember? Mom replied, yes of course, you can talk to me about anything, whatever the subject is. I know you will probably get angry at me and think something is wrong with me, you might even call the cops on me. Mom replied, no I won’t, you’re not in any legal trouble, are you? I said, no legal trouble, she replied, well tell me then. 
I said, well here goes, will you have sex with me? I have been fantasizing of having sex with you for a very long time. I want to have sex with you, bad, I cannot get you out of my mind. She looked at her son with a stunned look. Her son was a very handsome stud and if it were another person, she probably would jump at the chance, but she replied, we can’t, I’m your mother, it would be incest. I said, is it me, am I repulsive or something? She replied, No, don’t think that, I will let you in on a secret, you’re such a handsome young stud, women my age would jump to have sex with a young man like you, if you weren’t my son I wouldn’t think twice about having sex with you. 
I replied, see, you admit you would like to have sex with me, no one will know, it’s only us. I stood up and reached out my arms and held her hands, stood her up with me, I leaned over and kissed her lips lightly, she said, believe me when I say I wish I could, but I just can’t. I pulled her close to me, this time I attempted to give her a real kiss, she tried to turn face away saying, no. I gently held her face and kissed her right on the mouth, I started darting my tongue in her mouth, then she finally started to lightly reciprocate. I brought my hands down and started pulling out her left breast and she attempted to hold my hand, but I was too strong, I had her breast out in full view, I started sucking on her tit, she started moaning no, we can’t, we can’t, meanwhile I quickly had my right hand massaging her pussy and finally breaking past her vagina lips with my index finger. I started working my finger in and out of her pussy harder until I inserted a second finger, she just kept on saying we can’t, we can’t, this is so wrong. I could tell I was quickly breaking her resistance down, she was starting to buck her pussy against my fingers. She still kept saying no as I inserted a third finger in her pussy and started finger her harder, she again said, I can’t do this. 
I was now passionately kissing her and she was fully reciprocating my kiss, we were darting our tongues into each other mouth. I had my left-hand underneath bikini bottom, touching her bare ass cheeks, while my right hand worked her pussy. Mom was now so fucking hot and I was totally in control. I dropped my swimming trunks and out popped my hard 9-inch erection, I felt like I was extra hard, it must have been because I was about to finally make my darkest fantasy a reality. 
Mom kept staring at my enormous erection mesmerized, she didn’t really know what to do. I took her and placed around my cock, guiding her hand up and down jacking off my cock, she whispered in my ear, it’s very big. I removed my hand from hers, I had her jacking me off by herself, I cupped her ass cheeks with my hands. Suddenly another reluctant feeling must have struck her motherly emotions, as she was jacking me off, suddenly out of the blue, she said, we can’t do this, we have to stop. I replied, why stop, you know you want it. She kept jacking me off as she said, yes, I do, but it’s so wrong as she stared at my hardon. She said, it’s huge, I don’t know if I could take all that. 
I was not going to tell her that as soon as I had my cock in her pussy, I intended to viciously slam all my 9-inch hard cock in her hot pussy. I didn’t want to have an sensual relationship with her like I had read that some sons have with their mothers, my plan was to make her a hardcore whore, and drive my cock in her mouth, dump loads of cum down her throat, she was going to be trained to be a “deep throat” queen. I was going to take her ass and gap the fuck out of it, I was going to train this whore to take lots of cock up her ass. However, right now, I had to make her feel at ease, I told her, not to worry, I would be very easy. 
Before she had a thought of reluctance, I threw a patio chair cushion on the cement and I knelt down and pulled her bottom all the way off and started darting my tongue in her pussy and she started bucking her hips at my mouth. I was darting my tongue in her pussy hard, I knew I had the whore when she started jamming her pussy hard on mouth and she was moaning, aaaaaaah, aaaaaah, feeels soo goood , aaaaaaah. I started eating her pussy hard and she started coming hard, I could see streams of cum coming from her pussy. I inserted three fingers up her pussy and started fingering her hard, while she bucked against my fingers to meet my hard strokes. I thought to myself, this slut is ready for a good fucking, I’m going to slide every inch of my cock in this whore’s cunt. My mother did not realize that I was planning to turn her into the biggest hard-core whore around. 
I stood up and started walking into the house with her on my right side. I wasn’t going to her a chance for her feelings of reluctance. I had my right hand on her ass, with two fingers working her cunt as we walked and kissing her along the way, all the way upstairs to her bedroom. 
We got to her bedroom and I sat her down on the edge of her bed, I flipped over and pinned her legs to the sides of her shoulder and I put the tip of my cockhead on the opening of her vagina, in a low moan she said, this is so wrong, I’m such a slut, I replied, from now on, you’re my slut! I was in total control, I had my mother on fire to fuck. She was so hot she gently bucked her pussy up to insert the tip of my cockhead in her vagina opening. 
I couldn’t wait anymore, it was time to make my darkest wildest fantasy the reality I wanted, I started driving my cock in her pussy and she started screaming, TOO BIIIIIG, SOO BIIIIG, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH! I did not care, my intent was not to make love to my mother, I wanted to viciously pummel her cunt and make her a submissive whore. As she screamed, EEEEEAAAAAAH, EEEEEAAAAAAH, TOO BIG, EEEEEAAAAAAH, STOP! TOO BIG! I didn’t give a fuck, I kept driving my cock, deeper, deeper, deeper as she rolled her head from side to side, screaming, EEEEEAAAAAAH, EEEEEAAAAAAH, STOP! SLOWER! I finally told her in loud voice, SHUT THE FUCK UP SLUT! I’M GOING TO DRILL YOUR CUNT UNITL I HIT BOTTOM and I sank my cock deeper as she kept on screaming, EEEEEAAAAAAH, EEEEEAAAAAAH, EEEEEAAAAAAH. I said loudly, SCREAM ALL YOU WANT, NEVER HAD COCK THIS BIG HAVE YOU SLUT? With tears in her eyes she replied, no, slow down, you’re going deeper than father, you’re very thick. 
When the slut told me this, A feeling of greater determination came over me that I was going to take this whore’s pussy hard. She was still screaming EEEEEAAAAAAH, EEEEEAAAAAAH, EEEEEAAAAAAH as finally my cock hit rock bottom and balls were resting on the crack of her ass. I reached over and took a few pics of her with her legs spread wide and my cock all the way up her cunt, I thought to myself, man, she is a hot fucking whore! I put the phone down and held her legs tight turning her pussy upwards, I said in a loud voice, SLUT SCREAM ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE I AM GOING FUCK YOU LIKE THE WHORE YOU REALLY ARE! I started bringing out my cock leaving my cockhead in her pussy and driving straight down in her cunt slamming my balls hard on her ass SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, she was screaming very loud, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH. I was driving my cock down hitting bottom every time without mercy, she kept on screaming, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH. I remarked in a loud voice, THAT’S IT SLUT SCREAM YOU WANT, FROM NOW ON YOU’RE GOING TO BE MY WHORE!
I pulled out and flipped her around in the doggystyle position. I climbed on the bed and pushed her head down and her ass up in the air, I was going to hit the cunt hard. She was saying please not to hard, I said loudly, I SAID, SHUT THE FUCK UP SLUT, YOU’RE MY WHORE, I FUCK YOU HOW I WANT TO FUCK YOU, GOT THAT! This time I quickly drove all my cock in her cunt until there was no space between our bodies and my balls were against her ass. I wasted no time, without mercy, I started ramming her cunt hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, she started screaming again, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, I yelled out, THAT’S IT SLUT, SCREAM ALL YOU WANT, I LOVE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM AS I FUCK THE SHIT OUT YOU, SO KEEP SCREAMING YOU FUCKING WHORE! FOR A LONG TIME, I ALWAYS WANTED TO FUCK YOU LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE, FROM NOW ON, THAT’S ALL YOU ARE TO ME, A FUCKING WHORE, JUST A FUCK TOY, SO SCREAM ALL YOU WANT WHORE! I kept ramming her pussy for another ten minutes, her screams had now turned into loud sexual moans. As I was fucking the shit out of her, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, I said in a loud voice, YOU LIKE YOUR SON’S BIG COCK WHORE? YOU LIKE YOUR SON’S BIG COCK FUCKING YOUR HOT CUNT WHORE? ANSWER ME WHORE! DO YOU LIKE YOUR SON’S BIG COCK FUCKING YOUR HOT CUNT WHORE? She replied in a low hot voice, “yeees”, “yees”, “yes”, I love your big cock in my pussy! I was ramming her pussy hard and again I said loudly, YOU LIKE BEING YOUR SON’S WHORE? She replied, “yes”, I’ll be your whore, I replied, I ASKED, DO YOU LIKE BEING YOUR SON’S WHORE? She replied, “yes”, I like being my son’s whore. I said loudly, GOOD, YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT FROM NOW ON, I OWN YOUR HOT PUSSY AND ALL YOU ARE IS A WHORE TO ME, I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH THAT HOT CUNT OF YOURS. 
I stopped ramming her pussy and pulled out leaving my cockhead in her pussy, and I told her in a loud voice, COME ON SLUT, BACKUP ON COCK ON YOU FUCKING WHORE, FUCK MY COCK, GRIND YOUR PUSSY ON MY COCK WHORE, DO IT! She started bucking her hips hard moaning and backing hard on my cock, she was backing up hard she was making slapping noises, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. I took my phone and started taking several pics as she fucked my cock, I commented in a low voice, oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, look at this whore go. I told her grind that pussy on my cock whore, and she went all the way back on my cock and started grinding her pussy up and down then sideways, while moaning very loudly, aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah. I said, you like that cock don’t you whore? She replied, I love your cock in my pussy, fuck your whore. As I was taking a video of her grinding her hot pussy on against my cock, I said, that’s it whore, grind it, whore, grind it, work my cock hard, you fucking whore. 
I thought to myself, I got her now to call and recognize herself as a whore, I have finally have broken this bitch down, she now knows understands that I own her as my whore, I can do whatever I want with her holes. I intended to keep all her holes well used, this weekend was just going to be the beginning.

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