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Danielle part 1 Danielle is someone I hold very close to me. We once were a couple but didn’t really have the chance to become what we should have. We’ve gone our separate ways, but we still talk every once in awhile. I write these stories for her.  Escort Czech "It has been a while, hasn't it?" I texted to you. Not knowing how you would respond. Luckily you did, with a nice tone of "yes, yes it has :)." Shortly after that we had made dinner plans to catch up. We agreed with Olive Garden. I picked you up at 6pm, stunning as always - you chose to wear a sexy red dress. Over dinner we discussed everything that's been going on with our lives, new friends, how... more
Danielle part 2 You walk up the steps of the Bellevue Syrene hotel, at the top there’s a sweet man that grins and opens the door for you. “Grazie” you say as you walk into the large open lobby. Searching a crossed the room you spot the front desk and make your way over to it.  “Ciao, come posso aiutarti?” The lady at the desk asks. You stumble for a moment as your Italian isn’t the greatest, and simply reply with “Signore Moretti’s room please”.  She reaches out and hands you a card, “Ecco la tua carta 328.”  “Thank you!” You turn and start walking towards the elevator. The... more
It Turned Into Wonderful Family Affair I met Susan about six months ago. We started dating and it’s been like a dream come true. By the way my name is Tom. She has the same Ideas and hunger for kinky sex as I do. She loves wearing skirts with nothing underneath, teasing people with fast flashes of her pussy and then can act so innocent about it. She has two wonderful kids, her daughter is in her late teens and her son is just a little younger. We’ve gone camping together, fishing… we’ve just been having a great time. The kids have a great sense of humor, they, including their mom, like using sexual innuendoes with each other, but they do it at... more
The first time I saw a girl pose I not really a voyeur, more a girl-worshipper. I don't peep, and I'm in awe of girls, especially those that pose or show. I started my huge collection of 'dirty mags' when I was still at school, and it was at that time that I first had the experiences of girls making me cum in my pants seeing them show their knickers or in a bulging top. That was also happening when I saw girls showing on TV, and even when I was looking at photos in my magazines.  I dreamed of seeing a girl pose for real, but knew I could never get up the nerve to do it. I looked longingly at the photos in Escort magazine of Aunty Jayne's amateur photo seminars, with a few... more
The Panties - escort Prague Fetish Stories Nick leaned back on the bed and sighed. When Monica said she was only going to be 10 minutes to freshen up, he knew it would be longer. She had asked him to come over and pick her up so they could go out for lunch. Of course, she wasn't ready yet, she had to ‘freshen up.’ He looked around her room, delighted at how feminine it was. As a guy he couldn't quite understand the need for all the bright pastel colors, frilly decorations and girly nick-knacks. He stood up and walked around her bed, letting his hands touch and explore the clothes strewn about. He stepped out into the hallway and looked down towards the... more
Sexy Teacher in Boots I have always been attracted to boots. I've masturbated while picturing pretty schoolmates in boots. As a junior in high school though, I finally became attracted to a 31 year old woman. Her name was Mrs. Sil and she was my spanish teacher. When I was a junior in her Spanish II class, she wore boots around winter time. These were knee high flat heel black leather boots. She was wearing a form fitting black dress and her 32DD breasts were bulging under the dress. A lot of the guys in there tried not to stare, and I succeeded for the most part. When the day was finally over and I was back home I immediately started jerking off to her mental image and within 3... more
The Best Christmas Presents Ever   Let me start this story with how this all began.  Those that follow or that matter people that don’t follow anything know our country on a path of self destruction. The economy is in the shitter it’s affected us all in some way or the other. Us well were in the auto industry no not union guaranteed pay, we sell them. But the past 2 years has been tough, my wife lost her job first and we struggled to pay the mortgage and keep the bills up. I know your think how the hell does this relate to The Best Present Ever, but trust me it all will all align. Anyway we have really struggled to make ends meet and trying to save our... more

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